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Parameter Name Description Required
id Lists rule with the specified ID. false
ipaddressid the id of IP address of the firwall services false
keyword List by keyword false
networkid list firewall rules for ceratin network false


$ ./ command=listFirewallRules id=ebfbec5a-1e4e-4a91-8c7e-a689259ed6dd




Response Name Description
id the ID of the firewall rule
cidrlist the cidr list to forward traffic from
endport the ending port of firewall rule’s port range
icmpcode error code for this icmp message
icmptype type of the icmp message being sent
ipaddress the public ip address for the firewall rule
ipaddressid the public ip address id for the firewall rule
networkid the network id of the firewall rule
protocol the protocol of the firewall rule
startport the starting port of firewall rule’s port range
state the state of the rule
tags(*) the list of resource tags associated with the rule
account the account associated with the tag
customer customer associated with the tag
domain the domain associated with the tag
domainid the ID of the domain associated with the tag
key tag key name
project the project name where tag belongs to
projectid the project id the tag belongs to
resourceid id of the resource
resourcetype resource type
value tag value



<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<listfirewallrulesresponse cloud-stack-version=”″>


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