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Parameter Name Description Required
id lists snapshot by snapshot ID false
intervaltype valid values are HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY. false
keyword List by keyword false
name lists snapshot by snapshot name false
tags List resources by tags (key/value pairs) false
volumeid the ID of the disk volume false
zoneid list snapshots by zone id false



$ ./ command=listSnapshots volumeid=8c3763b4-6c50-49df-a9fe-ecb53653f1f5




Response Name Description
id ID of the snapshot
account the account associated with the snapshot
created the date the snapshot was created
domain the domain name of the snapshot’s account
domainid the domain ID of the snapshot’s account
intervaltype valid types are hourly, daily, weekly, monthy, template, and none.
name name of the snapshot
project the project name of the snapshot
projectid the project id of the snapshot
revertable indicates whether the underlying storage supports reverting the volume to this snapshot
state the state of the snapshot. BackedUp means that snapshot is ready to be used; Creating – the snapshot is being allocated on the primary storage; BackingUp – the snapshot is being backed up on secondary storage
volumeid ID of the disk volume
volumename name of the disk volume
volumetype type of the disk volume
zoneid id of the availability zone
tags(*) the list of resource tags associated with snapshot
account the account associated with the tag
customer customer associated with the tag
domain the domain associated with the tag
domainid the ID of the domain associated with the tag
key tag key name
project the project name where tag belongs to
projectid the project id the tag belongs to
resourceid id of the resource
resourcetype resource type
value tag value
jobid the ID of the latest async job acting on this object
jobstatus the current status of the latest async job acting on this object




<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<listsnapshotsresponse cloud-stack-version=”″>


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