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Parameter Name Description Required
id list networks by id false
keyword List by keyword false
tags List resources by tags (key/value pairs) false
zoneid the Zone ID of the network false



$ ./ command=listNetworks




Response Name Description
id the id of the network
account the owner of the network
aclid ACL Id associated with the VPC network
acltype acl type – access type to the network
broadcastdomaintype Broadcast domain type of the network
broadcasturi broadcast uri of the network. This parameter is visible to ROOT admins only
canusefordeploy list networks available for vm deployment
cidr Cloudstack managed address space, all CloudStack managed VMs get IP address from CIDR
displaynetwork an optional field, whether to the display the network to the end user or not.
displaytext the displaytext of the network
dns1 the first DNS for the network
dns2 the second DNS for the network
domain the domain name of the network owner
domainid the domain id of the network owner
gateway the network’s gateway
ip6cidr the cidr of IPv6 network
ip6gateway the gateway of IPv6 network
isdefault true if network is default, false otherwise
ispersistent list networks that are persistent
issystem true if network is system, false otherwise
name the name of the network
netmask the network’s netmask
networkcidr the network CIDR of the guest network configured with IP reservation. It is the summation of CIDR and RESERVED_IP_RANGE
networkdomain the network domain
networkofferingavailability availability of the network offering the network is created from
networkofferingconservemode true if network offering is ip conserve mode enabled
networkofferingdisplaytext display text of the network offering the network is created from
networkofferingid network offering id the network is created from
networkofferingname name of the network offering the network is created from
physicalnetworkid the physical network id
project the project name of the address
projectid the project id of the ipaddress
related related to what other network configuration
reservediprange the network’s IP range not to be used by CloudStack guest VMs and can be used for non CloudStack purposes
restartrequired true network requires restart
specifyipranges true if network supports specifying ip ranges, false otherwise
state state of the network
subdomainaccess true if users from subdomains can access the domain level network
traffictype the traffic type of the network
type the type of the network
vlan The vlan of the network. This parameter is visible to ROOT admins only
vpcid VPC the network belongs to
zoneid zone id of the network
zonename the name of the zone the network belongs to
service(*) the list of services
name the service name
capability(*) the list of capabilities
canchooseservicecapability can this service capability value can be choosable while creatine network offerings
name the capability name
value the capability value
provider(*) the service provider name
id uuid of the network provider
canenableindividualservice true if individual services can be enabled/disabled
destinationphysicalnetworkid the destination physical network
name the provider name
physicalnetworkid the physical network this belongs to
servicelist services for this provider
state state of the network provider
tags(*) the list of resource tags associated with network
account the account associated with the tag
customer customer associated with the tag
domain the domain associated with the tag
domainid the ID of the domain associated with the tag
key tag key name
project the project name where tag belongs to
projectid the project id the tag belongs to
resourceid id of the resource
resourcetype resource type
value tag value



<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<listnetworksresponse cloud-stack-version=”″>


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